Growing Systems

Growing systems are an alternate way to raise fruit, vegetables, and flowers in your glasshouse.Strawberry Growing Systems

Their primary advantage is that the environment in which the roots grow can be controlled.

Rather than being planted in the ground, which may be contaminated by salts and other impurities, they're placed in PVC gutters; and instead of relying on the delivery of water and nutrients through traditional means, these things are delivered via tubes that pour this life-giving nourishment directly over the roots.

The result is that crop yields are higher and the quality better, and that means that you and your customers are happier and you make more money.

Save money

There are more advantages than just this one.

A second one is that the water you use can be recycled. That's because it's part of a system. It's impossible to do this with plants that are in the ground because instead of being collected, it seeps down to the water table.

A third advantage is that it improves working conditions for your employees. To have to continually bend over in order to reap crops that grow from ground-level can be back-breaking work. A growing system permits workers to stand upright and to pick the plants without having to reach up or down.

This is far less tiring for them and more efficient for you.Strawberries




Growing systems can be integrated easily with your existing heating and irrigation systems. New and secondhand systems are available. It's entirely up to you which one you choose.

If you'd like to have a chat or need some advice about whether or not one is right for you, then contact us

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“The rainwater harvesting project we installed . . . has made a big difference to our strawberry growing business. We are not so reliant on our ground source water supply which is full of unwanted salts and has been detrimental to our crop. The use of rain water enables us to give our crop exactly the nutrients they require with a stable pH thus enhancing crop quality and yield. As a matter of course we contacted several companies for advice and prices for the job and ultimately concluded that a joint venture with New Leaf and GVZ Glasshouse[s] Ltd was the way forward. . . From my experience, the GVZ team are [a] very professional and reliable company to work with and would have no hesitation in recommending them to fellow growers”.


Paul Roberts
Ashdown Nurseries