Craft Nurseries

GVZ Glasshouses Ltd has completed a new extension and enclosed doorway for Craft Nurseries.

The extension adds approximately 280-square meters of retail space to the store.

The enclosed doorway combines the entry and exit points which, before this modification, were about 10 meters apart.

The roofs for both structures are constructed of sandwich panels that are designed to insulate, as well as to let in natural light.


Craft Nurseries is located on Harwich Road in Lawford, Essex. The business was founded by Colin and Andrew Davey more than 20 years ago.

The two brothers had been growing lettuce and tomatoes, as well as a few bedding plants when they decided to expand. They had thought about adding some craft concessions, hence the name, but these never materialised.

That didn’t matter, however, because the garden centre itself took off and became the main focus.


The company grows its own plants under two-and-a-half acres of glass at the rear of the store.

There is also an award-winning café at the back.

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